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May 2018

Administrator's Message: We're Making it Easier to Explore the Shore and Reach the Beach!

Is summer really upon us again? Time flies when you're having fun with a record number of construction projects. We have 506 active or advertised projects totaling approximately $3.7 billion. One particular area of focus for us has been the corridors to and on the Eastern Shore. We upgraded major roads, eliminated bottlenecks and rehabilitated bridges on key routes to shore destinations. We are following through on our promise and eliminating constant headaches for drivers who sit in never-ending daily congestion. We are keeping Maryland Open for Business.

Greg Slater

Greg Slater

US 50 Bridge across the Severn River – Four Eastbound Lanes
We opened the fourth lane to travelers April 30, a full month ahead of the planned Memorial Day target date.

MD 404 (Queen Anne's Highway/Shore Highway) from US 50 to Denton
Travelers now have four lanes on MD 404 between US 50 and the Town of Denton. The $158 million investment also makes the roadway safer as the opposite directions of traffic are divided by a median.

MD 331 Dover Bridge over the Choptank River
The new Dover Bridge eliminates the need for a draw span as it is high enough to accommodate marine traffic of nearly all sizes. The fixed span will prevent the miles of traffic which plague the citizens in this area. The $64.5 million bridge replacement project will be open next month!

New Overpass at US 301 and MD 304
An extremely important project to members of the community who tragically lost a 15-year-old boy at this intersection, the new interchange carries a two-lane MD 304 overpass above US 301, separating traffic and thus significantly improving safety. The project was completed in the fall of 2017.

US 50/US 13 (Salisbury Bypass) 11 Bridge Rehabilitation Project
The $23.8 million project to upgrade 11 bridge decks (driving surface) on the US 13/US 50 (Salisbury Bypass) was completed this month. That's right we built 11 bridges in two months.

MD 528 (Coastal Highway) between 26th and 62nd Streets Pedestrian Safety Enhancement
Last fall, we began a $7 million project to install a median pedestrian safety fence and lighting on Coastal Highway between 26th and 62nd streets. The fence will guide Ocean City visitors to marked crosswalks that have pedestrian signals, deterring dangerous jaywalking.

US 113 (Shore Highway) between Massey Branch and Five Mile Branch Road
To the delight of more than 13,000 summer travelers daily, MDOT SHA is adding the final touches to complete its $50.4 million project to widen 4.6 miles of US 113 between Massey Branch and Five Mile Branch Road. In December 2017, all US 113 traffic was moved onto a new alignment between Langmaid Road and Five Mile Branch Road just south of Newark. MDOT SHA announced the start of Phase 4 construction in November 2017.

All these projects together reinforce our dedication to the customer experience. We are taking years of feedback from our citizens and directing that at critical congestion-relief projects which will make our roads safer and improve quality of life for everyone. This summer will truly represent a different customer experience for those going to the Eastern Shore and those who live there and we have made the whole region better for the next generation of Marylanders.

MDOT SHA's Effort to Rehabilitate 69 Structurally Deficient Bridges Gains Progress

Modernization - MDOT SHA's Effort to Rehabilitate 69 Structurally Deficient Bridges Gains Progress

The MD 195 over Sligo Creek Parkway bridge mid-construction with the temporary pedestrian bridge seen on the left.

In June 2015, Governor Larry Hogan announced a $1.97 billion investment in Maryland's highways and bridges. The transportation fund sought to expedite internal project development in order to fully rehabilitate Maryland's 69 structurally deficient bridges (structurally safe but showing signs of deterioration). As we sit, 60 have been addressed (i.e., advertised for construction) while the remaining nine will be addressed by early summer 2018! This work represents an outstanding level of hard work from all Project Managers and astounding level of support from additional MDOT SHA staff. Glenn Vaughan, Director of the Office of Structures, playfully describes the effort as "similar to pulling a rhinoceros out of a magician's hat."

During construction, the Office of Structures (OOS) uses temporary bridges to improve worker safety and ensure pedestrian access. For example, during construction of the MD 195 bridge over Sligo Creek Parkway, crews used a temporary bridge to provide continuous pedestrian access to the Sligo Creek hiking trail. With 7,500 daily vehicles traveling this section when the bridge was open, the project was complete a month ahead of schedule in late spring 2017.

For three busy years, OOS spearheaded an impressive display of departmental collaboration. Glenn continues, "We worked like folks with their hair on fire. My expectation is that we will stop to catch our breath and celebrate our success in July. After that we'll move forward with preparing the next round of bridges for construction projects."

Preparing Maryland's Roadways for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)

Innovation - Preparing Maryland's Roadways for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)

An infographic illustrating the many capabilities connected and automated vehicles of the future will have.

Those sleek, autonomous self-driving cars from fast-paced cinematic worlds of the future are now an overused science-fiction trope of the past! In 2015, Secretary Pete K. Rahn established the Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Working Group a central point of coordination for the development and deployment of this fascinating technology in Maryland. The MDOT CAV Working Group includes a diverse commitment from transportation stakeholders including elected officials, state and local agency representatives, highway safety organizations and representatives from the private sector and automotive industry.

CAVs will be connected - meaning they'll be able to 'talk' to infrastructure, other vehicles and/or pedestrians electronically - and equipped with varying levels of self-driving abilities. Last December, thanks to MDOT SHA's internal CAV Work Group, our organization released a CAV Strategic Action Plan with specific items for advancing this technology.

Carole Delion, P.E. (OPPE) and Egua Igbinosun (CHART), Co-Chairs of MDOT SHA's internal CAV Working Group tell us, "The MDOT SHA internal working group staff embody high technical expertise and strong initiative to advance CAVs within Maryland. In this industry, changes occur by the hour and the MDOT SHA team is there, leveraging partnerships with industry and other stakeholders when those changes occur, bringing MDOT SHA into the leadership ring when it comes to CAVs nationwide."

They then go on to tell us some exciting news, "Within the next few months, several strategies mentioned in the MDOT SHA CAV Strategic Action Plan will become visible, including on-request Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds for those interested in knowing more about CAVs and the deployment of Connected Vehicle technologies on our US 1 pilot corridor in Howard County."

A Cyclist Might Be Someone You Know! MDOT SHA Spreads Bicycle Safety Awareness Sponsoring Bike to Work Day 2018

Customer Service Experience - A Cyclist Might Be Someone You Know! MDOT SHA Spreads Bicycle Safety Awareness Sponsoring Bike to Work Day 2018

Meet Ken and Patty! The Prince George's County couple commutes to work on their tandem bicycle everyday and both tell us how passionate they are about bicycle safety awareness.

MDOT SHA's goal is to provide an integrated transportation network that connects each and every Marylander to life's opportunities no matter what set of wheels with which they choose to commute. Our versatile roadway network enhances the customer experience. We should always give our customers - motorists, cyclists, and motorcyclists alike - the power of choice.

With a commitment to focusing on a balanced approach to transportation that welcomes all roadway users, every May MDOT SHA sponsors Bike to Work Day! This year, Bike to Work is on June 1 and MDOT SHA provides a pit stop to those who decide to pedal in. In an effort to spread the word about bicycle safety, our educational campaign, A Cyclist Might Be Someone You Know features real Maryland citizens who bike regularly.

We recently met a couple, Ken and Patty McCaughey, who bike to work daily. They were able to share many of the struggles that they face as cyclists including motorists who do not provide enough space, blow their horns at them, don't understand hand signals and don't follow the speed limit. Patty and Ken place emphasis on educating drivers and bicyclists alike about the rules of the road.

A sobering statistic, 80 percent of all bicycle crashes result in injury. Maryland law requires that drivers give cyclists three feet when passing. As temperatures grow warmer, you'll see more and more cyclists out there on our roadways. Let's all remember to look out for each other!


Photo of the Month

As May brings warmer weather, more and more road crews are out there on MDOT SHA highways. Remember, work zone safety is in your hands. Together with family members, MDOT SHA technicians Josh Weatherly (left) and Tyler Zimmerman (right) and Sam Scalleat (video) remind all motorists to slow down and stay alert - their loved ones are counting on you!

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