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December 2018

Administrator's Message: NEW Maintenance Training Camp Welcomes OOM Staff to MDOT SHA

Statistics show that when employees are properly welcomed, retention grows. Consequently, the Organizational Development Division has created a new Maintenance Training Camp, a welcoming and onboarding program that will provide our new OOM staff a warm welcome to our family.

The first gathering was held December 3rd and 4th at the Claggett Center in Frederick, Maryland. On day one, management and technicians participated in two different tracks. Each focused on each individual group’s skills sets, strengths and areas for improvement. Leading4Longevity development coach, Joni Holifield, stimulated excellent discussion through the use of team building exercises to help participants assess the qualities of a good leader.

Greg Slater

Greg Slater

Anthony Sinclair, Chief Facilities Manager with the Golden Ring Shop, relished the opportunity. "This opportunity allowed me to see the need for an increase in communication," said Sinclair. "There are introverts who don't feel they are being heard. It's very important that everyone feels valued. As a leader, I need to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable with at least one other person, so they can be vocal enough to share their input."

Terron Edmonds, a Facilities Maintenance Technician (FMT) with the Laurel Shop, felt the training helped him, as well. "I'm learning to be more understanding of those that are different from me," said Edmonds. "We all have the same goal, just a different way of achieving it."

The new Maintenance Training Camp is providing Facilities Maintenance Technicians, Team Leaders, Assistant Resident Maintenance Engineers and Resident Maintenance Engineers an outstanding opportunity to invest in their success. Our maintenance team is on the road each and every day ensuring we deliver an outstanding customer experience to all Marylanders. Motorists see our crews repairing potholes, resurfacing roadways, mowing our medians and pruning vegetation throughout the entire network. Ensuring EVERY employee feels welcome, encouraged and motivated to grow, develop and thrive empowers all of our MDOT SHA team members. Through that – and through the maintenance effort on our network statewide – we will continue to deliver the customer experience for all Marylanders!

Welcome to the team! I hope you're all finding your new MDOT SHA family encouraging, engaging and in line with your career growth. Thank you for being a part of this team of bright men and women from around the globe. We are delivering Marylanders to life's opportunities one developmental occasion at a time!


Intranet Quorum Streamlines Administrator Correspondence Process

Modernization - Intranet Quorum Streamlines Administrator Correspondence Process

A helpful illustration of how IQ helps MDOT SHA manage citizen correspondence.

To help MDOT SHA achieve organizational excellence through Customer Experience, MDOT SHA is modernizing the response to Administrator Greg Slater's customer correspondence with the Intranet Quorum (IQ) software. Already used in other business units and agencies, IQ is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology tool designed to streamline the correspondence process by allowing managers to track each letter's ownership. Through the stages of assigning a letter, editing, and finalizing and sending the response, IQ will streamline the Administrator's communication with Maryland motorists exponentially.

IQ makes managing inbound correspondence and responding to customer requests far easier by providing flexible, intuitive solutions that make it easy to analyze, track, group and respond to the many incoming messages we receive each day. Whether they are phone calls, emails, letters, or even office visits, IQ will allow us to keep track of every interaction we have with our customers.

Accurately and efficiently processing constituent correspondence is an important and vital component of effective customer service. For many of our customers, letters and email are the primary means by which they interact with our agency. Whether a customer's correspondence requests help or services, makes a suggestion or voices a complaint, it is imperative that they receive a helpful and timely response. IQ will allow us to do just that.

MDOT SHA Unveils New Application That Allows Maryland Motorists to Track Plows During Weather Emergencies

Innovation - MDOT SHA Unveils New Application That Allows Maryland Motorists to Track Plows During Weather Emergencies

Greg Slater announces the new STORM web-based application at the Statewide Operations Center on November 20, 2018 - just in time for major winter weather impacts.

What if knowing when your street would be plowed was as simple as entering your address into a mobile-friendly web application? With MDOT SHA's new Statewide Transportation Operations Response Map (STORM), citizens can now track pre-treating brine trucks in advance of a storm and plow trucks during a storm in real-time on State-owned highways!

An innovation that enhances our customer service experience and interaction, the new application will show where MDOT SHA and contractual plows are and where they've most recently traveled. Equipment is visible only when moving at 10 mph or faster, eliminating screen clutter. Winter is coming. With the metro area's first measurable snowfall coming before Thanksgiving and a number of snow events in Western Maryland already, the STORM application comes just in time to keep the people of Maryland informed this fall and winter.

A reminder to everyone, including our internal audience: Take it slow on ice and snow! The more cautious you are when driving during a snowstorm, the better. Steer clear of snow plows and plow trains as well. Treated roads are behind the plow, and if you try to pass a plow, you could be headed into less than ideal territory! MDOT SHA crews work hard to keep roads passable during winter weather events. To stay updated during our next snow, sleet, or ice event, see for yourself where our plows are located.

We're Winter Ready! District 6 Hosts Annual Open House to Keep Public Informed on Snow Operations

Customer Service Experience - We're Winter Ready! District 6 Hosts Annual Open House to Keep Public Informed on Snow Operations

Parents and children alike were excited to explore the LaVale Shop's snow removal equipment. Top Left: Riley Lynch peers from the inside of a snow plow. Top Right: Tony Crawford (D6 District Engineer) holds the Open House cake shared with guests and staff. Bottom Left: Susan Morris (kneeling) and Gracelyn Roach (standing) explore the LaVale Shop facility. Bottom Right: Hunter (left) and Bryan Palmer (right) smile in front of an MDOT SHA dump truck.

For the second year in a row, District 6 hosted their Winter Open House at Allegany County's LaVale Shop in October. Excited families braved the chilly weather to tour the MDOT SHA maintenance facility to see winter operation equipment up close, meet our team, and even go for rides in some of our vehicles! In an effort to be a good neighbor, MDOT SHA team members conducted surveys during the event to assess any concerns.

A record 50+ visitors showed up to this year's Open House, almost double from the previous year! Not only did MDOT SHA's LaVale shop host visitors from Maryland, even neighboring families from Pennsylvania and West Virginia who travel on Maryland state roads came as well. All customers who visited shared positive, complimentary comments for MDOT SHA snow removal practices, year-round roadway maintenance and welcoming, helpful staff. The children were absolutely thrilled with the snow equipment rides, and parents enthusiastically shared their appreciation for the memorable experience!


Photo of the Month

Head Start preschoolers learn traffic, pedestrian and snow removal safety at District 6 LaVale shop tour this November!

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