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Search Help


  • Think of different words to use
  • Use specific words instead of general ones
    For example, a search for "Sound Barrier" will return fewer and more targeted listings than a search for "Barrier."
  • Be careful when using 'and', 'or', 'the'
    Use 'and', 'or', 'the' only if you're searching for projects containing these words such as "The County" or "Oxen Hill and Road". If you get too few matches, try your search without them.
  • Use punctuation only when required
    For example, you'll be successful if you search for I-295 (correct punctuation with hyphen). But don't try I: 295 (unnecessary colon) or Rt198-Rt29 (incorrect hyphen).
  • Expand your search by adding or deleting the letter "s"
    If searching for roads doesn't return enough matches, find more items with very little overlap by entering road.
  • Search All items in the "Refine your search:" to get more
    matches "Refine your search:" always narrows down the search of the projects to find the keywords that you specify. You can find many more projects by selecting All in all of the "Refine your search:" drop-down boxes. To narrow your search enter keyword(s) to search and select one or more drop-down 'categories' in the box(es).
  • For the closest matches, specify a county, type, contractor, etc.
    For example, to find a particular bridge project, don't just type bridge in the search box. If you are looking for a bridge deck replacement, enter: Deck and select Bridge in the Type pull-down. If you want only bridge deck replacements in Howard County, type Deck in the keyword box, select Bridge in the Type pull-down, and select Howard in the County pull-down. The trick is to be specific and use a narrowly defined search!


To search for: Use the Command: Example:
An Exact Phrase Type in your phrase and select Exact Phrase in the pull-down Potomac River
Returns only those projects with the exact words
One word AND another Use space between words and select All of these words in the pull-down Potomac River
Returns projects with the words "Potomac " and "River"
One word OR another Use space between words and select Any of these words in the pull-down Potomac River
Returns all projects with the words "Potomac" or "River" or "Potomac River"



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Maryland 511 System:
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