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7491 Connelley Drive          
Hanover, Maryland 21076          
July 23, 2015          
ADDENDUM NO. 2          
CONTRACT NO.: AA1075229R          
DESCRIPTION: Replacement of Vehicle Lifts at the Administration's Hanover           
Auto Shop in Anne Arundel County          
The Bid Opening date for this project is still scheduled for July 30,           
The attention of prospective bidders is directed to the following           
revisions, additions, and/or deletions to the Invitation for Bids Booklet           
and/or Contract Plan Sheets; the Contractor is directed to make any Pen           
and Ink changes to the Contract Documents as described. Corrected           
pages/sheets will not be provided for Pen and Ink changes:          
Sheet Revision Description          
E3.0 DELETE by Pen and Ink the words, “throughout entire circuit”           
in its entirety under Electrical New Work Note 2.          
The following questions were received. Responses are provided for           
clarification to all bidders in bold after the question and shall be           
taken into consideration in the development of the Contractors Bid           
Q1: Drawing ED1.0 Note #6 says load side conduit and wire to remain.           
Conduit with wire from first disconnect to all other disconnects have a           
note saying that conduit and wire to remain but the lines on drawing are           
dashed lines. The Electrical Legend shows a dashed line to be removed.           
Please advise?           
A: The dashed lines contain an EX within it, the legend states for this           
existing conduit and wire to remain          
Q2: The drawing ED1.2 shows all security to be removed. No drawings show           
re-installing new security system. Please advise?          
A: No new security system shall be installed.          
Q3: ED1.2 Note 7 and ED1.3 Note 1 both say existing exterior lighting           
conduit and wire to remain.  Drawing shows dashed lines for demo. Please           
A: The dashed lines contain an EX within it, the legend states for this           
existing conduit and wire to remain.          
Q4: Drawing E3.0 Note 2 says 2-#10 and 1-#10GR throughout entire           
circuit. Please advise          
A: Please refer to this Addendum No. 2.          
Q5: Drawing E3.0 says to work with SHA Fire Alarm maintenance service           
contractor. Please provide Fire Alarm contractors information?          
A: The Administration will provide the contact information for the           
Administration’s fire alarm service contractor on board, at the time of           
Q6: Will SHA move existing waste oil tank prior to construction?          
A: The existing 360 gallon storage tank between Vehicle Bays 105 and 106           
will be moved by SHA.          
Q7: Will there be any parking for worker vehicles and anywhere to store           
materials close to the Shop?          
A: An area directly north of Vehicle Bays 105 and 106, adjacent to the           
existing fence and measuring approximately 40 feet by 55 feet, has been           
designated for both parking and material/equipment storage for this           
project.  Final boundaries of this area shall be coordinated with, and           
approved by, SHA after Award.          
Before submitting your bid, please remove any existing Invitation for           
Bids pages and contract drawings (as applicable) that have been replaced           
by this Addendum, and insert the revised Invitation for Bids pages and           
contract drawings (as applicable) in their proper sequence.           
Attach this Addendum letter to the front cover of the Invitation for Bids           
booklet prior to submitting your bid.          
Any bidder having questions concerning this contract should contact           
Galina Bocharov at 4105825568, Fax 4105829862.          
Failure to comply with these instructions may result in your bid being           
declared irregular.          
RUSSELL A. YUREK