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7491 Connelley Drive          
Hanover, Maryland 21076          
July 15, 2015          
ADDENDUM NO. 1          
CONTRACT NO.: AX0977414           
DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous Roadway Structure Repairs at Various Locations           
in Baltimore and Harford Counties          
The Bid Opening date for this project is rescheduled from July 16, 2015 to           
July 23, 2015.          
The attention of prospective bidders is directed to the following           
revisions, additions, and/or deletions to the Invitation for Bids           
Booklet; the Contractor is directed to make any Pen and Ink changes to           
the Contract Documents as described. Corrected pages/sheets will not be           
provided for Pen and Ink changes:          
Page Revision Description          
vii REMOVE and INSERT new page updating the Table of Contents to           
include Detail Sheets          
267A INSERT new page to include the Detail Sheet for Aluminum           
Double Round Type Bridge Rail          
267B INSERT new page to include the Detail Sheet for Aluminum           
Single Round Type Bridge Rail          
For your convenience, a NEW quantities list has been posted on the SHA           
Web Site, under the Business Center, under Contracts, Bids, and           
Proposals: Construction Contracts  Project Quantities. This website can           
be visited at: www.roads.maryland.gov.          
Page Revision Description          
275 DECREASED Quantity of Item 4028 to 100          
276 INCREASED Quantity of Item 4035 to 2080          
The following question(s) were received on July 13, 2015 and July 14,           
2015. Responses are provided for clarification to all bidders in bold           
after the question:          
1. Items 9018 and 9020 - Bridge Rail Aluminum Single/Double Round.           
Where can the details be found for these particular items? Supplier is           
unaware. Please clarify.          
See this Addendum for the detail sheets.          
2. Item #4035 Portable Concrete Mixer. I suspect that the quantity           
of 80 hours is a typographical error as historically the quantity for           
this item has been 3000 hours. Left as is the current quantity is           
severely understated and will result in an unbalanced bid.          
See this Addendum for the correction of this item.          
3. Page 48 concerning bonding seems to be contrary to the Proposal           
Form Packet in the Proposal. Particularly p. 325 and p. 326. Please           
The Administration is only requiring a Performance Bond on this contract           
as stated in the Special Provisions (page 48). The Special Provisions           
supersedes the boiler plate in the Proposal Form Packet (pages 325/326).          
Before submitting your bid, please remove any existing Invitation for           
Bids pages (as applicable) that have been replaced by this Addendum, and           
insert the revised Invitation for Bids pages (as applicable) in their           
proper sequence.          
Attach this Addendum letter to the front cover of the Invitation for Bids           
booklet prior to submitting your bid.          
Any bidder having questions concerning this contract should contact           
Michael Gilpin at 4105825509, Fax 4105829862.          
Failure to comply with these instructions may result in your bid being           
declared irregular.          
RUSSELL A. YUREK