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County:Worcester Project Number:WO419_11
4/25/2018Project planning was completed in the Fall of 2013. The project will proceed to the final design phase as funds becomes available.
Phase Time Frame As Defined in the Consolidated Transportation Program (Funded Year Displayed in CTP)
What's Involved? Estimate Begin Estimate Complete
Planning Complete
Completed Milestones
Planning Phase Begin Project Planning
  Alternates Public Workshop
  Location/Design Public Hearing
  Location/Design Approval
Engineering Phase Begin Preliminary Engineering
  Geometric Design Approval
  Final Engineering Complete
  Advertised for Bid    
Construction Phase For General Lane Closure Information click HERE
  Begin Construction (Notice To Proceed)
  Open to Traffic:
Status Updates
4/25/2018Project planning was completed in the Fall of 2013. The project will proceed to the final design phase as funds becomes available.
10/25/2016Project planning was completed in the Fall of 2013. The project will proceed to final design as funds becomes available.
10/8/2013-The Record of Decision by FHWA was signed in August 2013. Location Approval received.
- Design Approval received in September 2013.
- Project Planning Complete: Newsletter to be mailed to project mailing list in Fall 2013.
4/2/2013-The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was signed. (May 2012)
-The SHA study team participated in a Cost Estimate Review Meeting (CERM), December 18 - 20, 2012, in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The final report was received from the FHWA in March of 2013.
-The Design Approval estimated completion Spring 2013.
-Record of Decision estimated completion Winter 2013.
3/30/2012The SHA study team is currently in the process of completing the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the US 50 Crossing Study.
10/26/2010The SHA Administrator has selected Alternative 5A as the SHA Preferred Alternative. The study team is currently developing a newsletter to send to the project mailing list, which will include information regarding Alternative 5A and an update on the project. The newsletter will be mailed this Fall and will also be posted on this website.
6/2/2010The Study Team has presented the new alternatives and the visualization of Alternative 4M, 5A, and 5B to the Worcester County Commissioners and the Ocean City Mayor and Council. They have reached a concensus and endorse Alternative 5A. The next step is for the SHA Administrator to select the Preferred Alternative.
3/19/2010The Project Team has been coordinating with the Worcester County Commissioners, Ocean City Mayor and Council, and the Ocean City Department of Public Works. Based on this coordination, two new alternatives have been developed. The new alternatives are on the "Maps" page of the website. The team will be following up with the above mentioned elected officials later this Spring.
1/4/2010The Study Team is currently in the process of identifying an alternative to recommend to the SHA Administrator for selection. Once selected, this alternative is called the Preferred Alternative. It is selected based upon engineering analysis, environmental and property impact analysis, and input received at the public hearing and throughout the study. Once a Preferred Alternative is selected the final environmental document will need to be completed and approved. This is expected to occur Winter 2010/2011.
7/22/2009The Project Team is conducted a project status update meeting with Worcester County on July 21, 2009. The purpose of this meeting was to receive the County's feedback on which alternative they would like the team to recommend to the SHA Administrator.


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