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County:Washington Project Number:WA216_51
1/14/2019This project is currently 80% Complete

Current Work:
Work continuing through winter as weather allows.
Installing and sealing containment area.
Begin cleaning of structural steel.
Phase Time Frame As Defined in the Consolidated Transportation Program (Funded Year Displayed in CTP)
What's Involved? Estimate Begin Estimate Complete
Engineering Complete
Construction Spring 2017 Summer 2019
Completed Milestones
Planning Phase Begin Project Planning
  Alternates Public Workshop
  Location/Design Public Hearing
  Location/Design Approval
Engineering Phase Begin Preliminary Engineering
  Geometric Design Approval
  Final Engineering Complete
  Advertised for Bid    
Construction Phase For General Lane Closure Information click HERE
  Begin Construction (Notice To Proceed)
  Open to Traffic:
Status Updates
1/14/2019This project is currently 80% Complete

Current Work:
Work continuing through winter as weather allows.
Installing and sealing containment area.
Begin cleaning of structural steel.
10/29/2018This project is currently 80% Complete.

Recent Work:

Completed Phase 4 work and restored traffic to original configuration.
Completed rehabilitation of existing drainage inlets.
Installed new bridge expansion dams.

Upcoming Work:

Grooving of new bridge decks.
Clean and paint structural steel.
Resurface a nearby portion of I-70 Westbound (including bridge approaches) during Spring, 2019.

7/25/2018This project is currently 65% complete.

Current Work:
Saw cutting and removing existing bridge deck for Phase 4.
During Phase 4, bridge work is taking place in the I-70 WB left lane.
Traffic utilizes the right lane of I-70 WB and C/D lane.
4/13/201850% Complete

Current Work
Installing variable message signs and construction signs along I-70 and I-81.
Installing false decking under I-70 bridge to catch debris during demolition.
Installing temporary concrete barrier walls along I-81 for work on I-70 piers.

Upcoming Work
Grind existing rumble strips and re-pave those areas (scheduled for this Sunday night, weather permitting).
I-70 traffic switch scheduled for this Monday night (pavement markings) and Tuesday night (barrier walls), weather permitting.
(Split traffic pattern for Stage 3 will offer two thru lanes utilizing the I-70 outside (fast) lane and I-70 C/D lane.
Begin Stage 3 demolition of bridge deck in I-70 WB inside (slow) lane.

3/2/2018Crews will begin work on the second bridge on April 1, 2018
1/2/2018The project is 47% complete

Crews completed phase 1 of the project (bridge deck replacement of the collector lane) and will begin phase 2 (I-70 thru lanes) in the spring
10/26/2017The project is 43% complete.

Recently Completed Work:
-Placed concrete for new parapet wall.
-Placed stone base and paved bridge approaches.
-Installed new guardrail at bridge approach.

Upcoming Work
-Install containment system for cleaning and painting of structural steel beams.
-Clean and paint beams.
-Return traffic to original configuration before Thanksgiving.
-Begin work on I-70 WB bridge in Spring, 2018.
8/22/2017The project is now 26% Complete.

Current Work
Phase 1 deck replacement is complete.
Project now working in Phase 2 (left lane is closed.)
Removed existing approach roadway, bridge deck, parapet wall, and abutment wingwall.

Upcoming Work
Install forms and place concrete for new pier caps.
Weld new bearing plates and stiffener plates for structural steel.
Begin repair of existing piers.
6/12/2017The job is 9% Complete

Current Work
The bridge deck has been removed.
Phase 1 pier cap concrete repairs are complete.

Upcoming Work
Place concrete for Phase 1 back walls.
Phase 1 bearing replacement.
Installation of deck pans.
Fiber wrap on pier caps.
Substructure repairs.
1/1/2016Engineering underway.


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