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County:Prince George's Project Number:PG288_11
6/26/2018Project planning was completed in 2008. The project will proceed through final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction as funds become available.
Phase Time Frame As Defined in the Consolidated Transportation Program (Funded Year Displayed in CTP)
What's Involved? Estimate Begin Estimate Complete
Planning On Hold
Completed Milestones
Planning Phase Begin Project Planning
  Alternates Public Workshop
  Location/Design Public Hearing
  Location/Design Approval
Engineering Phase Begin Preliminary Engineering
  Geometric Design Approval
  Final Engineering Complete
  Advertised for Bid    
Construction Phase For General Lane Closure Information click HERE
  Begin Construction (Notice To Proceed)
  Open to Traffic:
Status Updates
6/26/2018Project planning was completed in 2008. The project will proceed through final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction as funds become available.
5/12/2015Currently, there are no updates to report for this project. The planning phase of the US 301 at MD 197 project is complete and all subsequent phases (design, right-of-way, construction) remain unfunded.
5/4/2015The planning phase for this project is complete and the project currently remains on hold. No subsequent phases are being funded at this time.
10/10/2013The Maryland State Highway Administrator granted Design Approval on December 20, 2008 for the proposed improvements.

Location Approval has been received and Design Approval has been granted for Alternative 2 with Roundabouts. This alternative proposes widening along US 301 to three lanes per direction and constructing an overpass to carry MD 197 over US 301. The interchange configuration is a diamond with two double-lane roundabouts accessing parallel collector-distributor (CD) roadways from just north of Mt. Oak Road to just south of the US 50 Interchange.

At the north end of the project, an overpass would connect the Relocated Harbour Way to Governor Bridge Road. At the south end of the project, an overpass would connect Excalibur Road to Mill Branch Road. Access to Collington Plaza will be provided by the southbound CD road between MD197 and Mill Branch Road. The intersection of MD 197 and Mitchellville Road would also be improved with additional through and turn lanes. US 301 would be converted to a full access-controlled roadway between Mt. Oak Road and US 50.

Having received Location and Design Approval, Project Planning is complete. The remaining phases to complete are Final Design, Right-of-Way Acquisition, and Construction. At this time, no funds have been allocated for these phases and the study will go on-hold until further notice.
12/15/2008The Project Team received Location Approval for Alternative 2 with Roundabouts on June 24, 2008 from the Federal Highway Administration. The team is awaiting Design Approval for this alternative.
3/28/2008The Project Team is awaiting Location Approval from the Federal Highway Administration for the Preferred Alternative - Alternative 2 with Roundabouts.
1/2/2008The Project Team has submitted the Location Approval Package to the Federal Highway Administration.
10/23/2007Project Team is addressing comments and seeking concurrence on the Preferred Alternative and Conceptual Mitigation from the regulatory agencies.
6/5/2007State received support from Bowie City Council on SHA Preferred Alternative.
5/9/2007Informational Workshop at Bowie City Hall at 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
11/20/2006SHA Senior Management selected an SHA Preferred Alternative from Project Teams investigation and analysis of Alternative 2 Modified with Roundabouts which is similar to previous Alternative 2 Modified except for Roundabouts at the MD 197 Interchange and one-way services roads parellel to NB and SB US 301.
12/28/2004Project Team directed by SHA Senior Management to investigate an alternative that is less expensive than Alternative 5A presented at Location/Design Public Hearing.
1/1/2003Project put on-hold
11/20/2002Held Locaton/Design Public Hearing at Bowie City Hall


   Location/Design Public Hearing


Location:2614 Kenhill Drive, Bowie ,MD 20715


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