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County:Montgomery Project Number:MO886_11
8/7/2018Please visit the MD 28/MD 198 Project Planning Website (Project No. AW068_11) for current project updates.
Phase Time Frame As Defined in the Consolidated Transportation Program (Funded Year Displayed in CTP)
What's Involved? Estimate Begin Estimate Complete
Planning Underway 2019
Completed Milestones
Planning Phase Begin Project Planning
  Alternates Public Workshop
  Location/Design Public Hearing
  Location/Design Approval
Engineering Phase Begin Preliminary Engineering
  Geometric Design Approval
  Final Engineering Complete
  Advertised for Bid    
Construction Phase For General Lane Closure Information click HERE
  Begin Construction (Notice To Proceed)
  Open to Traffic:
Status Updates
8/7/2018Please visit the MD 28/MD 198 Project Planning Website (Project No. AW068_11) for current project updates.
2/14/2017The project team is currently conducting detailed engineering and environmental studies on the alternatives retained for detailed study, and plans to present the results of these studies at a public hearing tentatively to be scheduled for Spring 2017.
8/30/2016The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) concurred that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will not be necessary for this project, and that an Environmental Assessment (EA) will suffice. An EA allows the planning phase to be completed in less time.
6/3/2016The Federal Highway Administration approved the Alternatives Retained for Detailed Study (ARDS) in May 2016. The combined Purpose & Need/ARDS document may be viewed by clicking on the Documents tab.
12/7/2015The project team has reviewed the comments received at the Alternatives Public Workshop and is in the process of recommending the alternatives that will be Retained for Detailed Study (ARDS). The ARDS will undergo detailed engineering analyses in the next phase of the project planning process. Results will be presented at the public hearing, anticipated in Fall 2016, for public review and comment.
3/19/2015The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) invites interested persons to attend an Alternatives Public Workshop regarding the MD 28/MD 198 Corridor Study project. The Alternatives Public Workshop for this project will be held on March 19, 2015 at James Blake High School – the Workshop will be held in the school cafeteria from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. The address is 300 Norwood Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905.. The Workshop will provide information on the project, the preliminary alternatives and their associated impacts. Workshop displays also will be available on the SHA website, referenced below. SHA representatives will discuss the project, answer questions, and record your comments. The public will be given the opportunity to provide input into the range of alternatives being considered. You may arrive at any time during the workshop and walk through at your own pace.
5/15/2014An Informational Workshop has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 17, 2014, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, in the James Hubert Blake High School cafeteria, 300 Norwood Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905. The purpose of the Informational Workshop is to notify interested persons that the project planning study has resumed, review the project history, list changes in the study area, outline the project purpose and need, and obtain input from the public regarding the project purpose and need and potential corridor improvement features.
2/21/2014The MD 28/198 Corridor Improvement Study has been reinitiated. Current activities include updating project information including crash data and traffic analyes. A Spring newsletter is being developed to provide the public with a project overview and summary of updated project information.
4/1/2013As announced at the November 2009 Montgomery County Tour Meeting, this project is currently on-hold due to the current economic downturn.
9/18/2009Project Team is preparing material for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the Location/Design Public Hearing.
11/18/2008Held Informational Public Workshop:

James H. Blake High School
300 Norwood Road
Silver Spring, MD 20905
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
6/9/2003Received concurrence on Alternates Retained for Detailed Study.
6/4/2002Held Alternates Public Workshop:

James H. Blake High School
300 Norwood Road
Silver Spring, MD 20905
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
1/10/2002Received Purpose and Need concurrence.
3/29/2001Held project Scoping Meeting.
11/15/2000Project initiated.


   Location/Design Public Hearing


Location:300 Norwood Road, Silver Spring ,MD 20905
   Alternatives Public Workshop


Location:300 Norwood Road, Silver Spring ,MD 20905
   Alternatives Public Workshop


3/19/2015   (View Document)
Location:300 Norwood Rd, Silver Spring ,Ma 20905
   Alternatives Public Workshop


6/4/2002   (View Document)
Location:300 Norwood Road, Silver Spring ,MD 20905


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