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County:St. Mary's Project Number:SM352_11
Project Name:
MD 5, Point Lookout Road

Location of Project:

Study to upgrade MD 5 between MD 243 and MD 245 (1.4 miles).
Project Study Area

The purpose of the MD 5 Leonardtown Project Planning Study is to:
  • Improve safety and operations for existing and future traffic along MD 5;
  • Support existing and planned development;
  • Address pedestrian and bicyclist safety; and
  • Accommodate vehicular access to the residences, businesses, schools, the hospital and places of worship along MD 5.
By 2030, Average Daily Traffic (ADT) volumes are expected to increase by more than 75% over 2007 levels along MD 5 and MD 243, and nearly 58% along MD 245 and MD 5 Business.
  • Absent traffic capacity improvements, increases in travel demand will result in significant delays at area intersections.
  • The lack of on-road shoulders creates the potential for conflicts between motorized vehicles and horse-drawn carriages, relied upon for transportation by the area’s Amish and Old Order Mennonite populations.
  • The lack of on-road bicycle facilities or continuous sidewalks along MD 5, deters bicyclists and pedestrian use due to safety concerns.
To view the additional documentation click on the link to the Purpose and Need Statement.
What Is Under Study:
Project Planning Completed in 2014 The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), secured Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Location Approval of SHA’s “Preferred Alternative” Alternative 4 with Option 4 on July 21, 2014, concluding the Project Planning phase of this Project. FHWA’s Location Approval represents a determination that SHA’s final environmental document, the “Finding of No Significant Impact” (FONSI), adequately and accurately described the need, environmental issues, and impacts of the project and appropriate mitigations measures; and that SHA’s Preferred Alternative is the best Alternative from among those studied in meeting the project’s Purpose and Need while minimizing impacts. Having received Location approval for SHA’s Preferred Alternative, Alternate 4 with Option 4 is subsequently referred to as SHA’s "Selected Alternative".

Description of Proposed Improvements: MD 5 would be widened to accommodate two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes, divided by an 18-foot raised median, which would narrow, to accommodate left-turns at major intersections. Seven-foot-wide outside shoulders located on both sides of MD 5 would accommodate bicyclists and horse and carriage traffic. Five-foot wide sidewalks located on both sides of MD 5, would improve pedestrian mobility and safety. An illustration of a typical section along MD 5 is shown below.

Typical Section - MD 5

The Selected Alternative would also modify access to the Leonardtown Centre Shopping Plaza from MD 243 and MD 5. In addition, intersection improvements would be completed at the following locations:
  • MD 5 and MD 243;
  • MD 5 and MD 245;
  • MD 5 and Abell Street/Moakley Street; and
  • MD 5 with Clark’s Rest Lane/Fenwick Street Extended.
Following the June 28, 2012 Location Design Public Hearing, modifications were made to the Selected Alternative to meet Maryland Department of the Environment, Environmental Site Design (ESD) Guidelines, and to reflect changes in travel demand anticipated following construction of the planned Tudor Hall and Clark’s Rest mixed-use development. The revisions resulted in the addition of:
  • 27 stormwater management facilities; and
  • Three commercial displacements, identified for the purpose of removing impervious surface from the project area.
In addition, intersection improvements proposed for MD 5 and Clark’s Rest Lane/Fenwick Street Extended and the MD 5 and MD 245 intersections, were modified. To view maps of the Selected Alternative and a detailed description of improvements, reflecting revisions, click on the Map(s) link.

MD 5/Abell Street/Moakley/Street Intersection Improvements Move Forward as Phase I: Funding has been allocated to complete design, right-of-way acquisition and construction. An Informational Workshop held January 19, 2016 provided the public with an opportunity to review project status. Additional details may be founded at Abell/Moakley Phase I--Project Number: SM202_21. Additional project phases will proceed as funds become available.

Project Links:
For detailed background information, click on the Documents tab.
The full project record may be reviewed by clicking on the FONSI link.

Project Type:

Current Phase:Planning
Funded Year :2007 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 4/25/2018


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