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County:St. Mary's Project Number:SM210_11
Project Name:
MD 5, Point Lookout Road

Location of Project:
MD 246 TO MD 471

Upgrade MD 5 from MD 471 to MD 246, including Bridge 18006 over the Saint Mary's River (0.3 miles).
Study Area Map

The purpose of the MD 5 Great Mills Improvement study is to develop a transportation solution along MD 5, between MD 246 and MD 471 that improves existing traffic operations and addresses design deficiencies to improve safety. St. Mary’s County has experienced rapid population growth and has the fastest growing workforce in the state, mostly attributed to employment growth at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River (NAS).

Growth in population and employment has resulted in increased traffic volumes and congestion along MD 5, particularly at the intersections of MD 5/MD 471 and MD 5/MD 246. By 2040, traffic volumes are projected to increase by approximately 30%. Without capacity improvements, traffic conditions are expected to worsen. Other project needs include the following:

  • The overall crash rate is significantly higher than the statewide average for similar roadways.
  • The skewed angle at the MD 5/MD 471 intersection impacts traffic operations and safety.
  • The MD 5 approaches to the St. Marie bridge flood multiple times each year, causing safety concerns and road closures.
  • MD 5 lacks continuous facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists.
What Is Under Study:

A feasibility study completed in January 2015 for the MD 5 Great Mills area concluded that long-term improvements along MD 5 are required to alleviate roadway congestion and address safety issues between MD 471 to MD 246. Data compiled during the feasibility study provides baseline information for the MD 5 Great Mills Project Planning Study, which is being completed in accordance with guidelines set forth in the National Environmental Policy (NEPA) Act. The NEPA planning process includes stakeholder involvement at various stages of the planning process as well as a thorough investigation of potential impacts associated with proposed alternatives.

Alternative Public Workshop: Approximately 50 people attended the March 15, 2016, MD 5 Great Mills Improvement Study, Alternatives Public Workshop held at the Great Mills High School. The purpose of the Workshop was to familiarize the public with the project, review the planning process, the project’s Purpose and Need and receive comments on the proposed alternatives under study. Descriptions of the proposed alternatives and options may be viewed by clicking on the: Alternatives Workshop Brochure link.

To comment on this project, please click on the March 2016: MD 5 Great Mills Improvement Study Questionnaire link to access the postage paid questionnaire.

To view maps and exhibits depicting proposed alternatives, traffic data, and potential environmental impacts displayed at the Workshop, click on link to MD 5 Great Mills Alternatives Public Workshop Displays link.

Alternatives/Options Under Study: Maps of the Alternatives and Options lists below, may be viewed by clicking on the Map(s) link.
    Alternative 1 – No-Build
    Alternative 2 – Two Lanes with Existing Bridge
    Alternative 3 – Four Lanes on Existing Bridge
    Alternative 4 – Four Lanes on New Bridge with Sidewalks
    Alternative 5 – Five Lanes on New Bridge with Sidewalks

    Intersection Options: (Applicable to any alternative.)

    Option 1 - Relocated MD 471 (400’ West)
    Option 2 - Relocated MD 471 (1100’ West)
    Option 3 - Close Old Great Mills Road Access to MD 5

Project Type:

Current Phase:Planning
Funded Year :2013 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 4/25/2018


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