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County:Prince George's Project Number:PG949_11
Project Name:
MD 201 Extended (Edmonston Road)/US 1 (Baltimore Ave.)

Location of Project:

Study of capacity improvements on MD 201 and US 1 from I-95/I-495 (Capital Beltway) to north of Muirkirk Road (7.1 miles). Bicycle and pedestrian access will be considered as part of this project.
The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA), is conducting a Project Planning Study for improvements to the US 1/MD 201 corridors in Prince George’s County. The project extends from Cherrywood Lane to north of Cherry Lane.
What Is Under Study:
Highway improvement options are being evaluated to improve vehicular, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian mobility. Improvements should support planned economic development in the area, relieve traffic congestion, and enhance safety along the US 1 and MD 201 corridors.


Alternative 1 – No Build:

The No-Build Alternative consists of routine maintenance and spot improvements. Minor improvements would occur as part of the normal maintenance and safety operations. No improvements that would increase capacity would be included. It will serve as a basis for comparison for other alternatives.

Alternative 2 - TSM Improvements:

This Alternative could include additional turn lanes, additional traffic signals or changes to signal phasing and intersection improvements not specifically listed in other alternate descriptions. The intersections improved along US 1 would be with Sunnyside Avenue, Rhode Island Avenue, MD 212 ( Powder Mill Road), Muirkirk Meadows Drive, Contee Road, Cypress Street and Cherry Lane. The intersections improved along MD 201 and Old Baltimore Pike would include Sunnyside Avenue, Powder Mill Road Old Baltimore Pike and Muirkirk Road. This could also include improvements to US 1 such as adding a median where possible, adding bicycle lanes, but maintaining the existing roadway section where increased width would cause significant impacts to the adjacent properties. Access management concepts will also be investigated. The scope of these improvements has yet to be determined. This alternative will be included in each of the build alternatives.

Alternative 3 - US 1 Widening:

This Alternative widens US 1 to six-lanes with an eighteen foot median and turn lanes at intersections. The widening is from Sunnyside Avenue north to Domer Street. A widened outside lane for bicyclists, sidewalks and landscaping would also be included. This Alternative includes a western shift of the US 1 roadway to accommodate a potential third set of tracks on the CSX Rail Line. Intersection improvements along MD 201 and Old Baltimore Pike at Sunnyside Avenue, Powder Mill Road, Edmonston Avenue and Muirkirk Road are also part of this alternative.

Alternative 4 East - MD 201:

This Alternative widens/ relocates MD 201 from Cherrywood Lane to north of Odell Road and then follows Old Baltimore Pike to Muirkirk road. The widening of MD 201 would begin at Ivy Lane and run along existing MD 201 to Powder Mill Road and then curve east on new alignment just north of Powder Mill Road onto the BARC Property behind the Vansville Community. It would turn west crossing MD 201 and Old Baltimore Pike and then parallel MD 201 before merging into and running along Old Baltimore Pike to Muirkirk Road.

This typical section for the widening and relocation of MD 201 and Baltimore Pike would be four lanes with sidewalks, landscaping, an eightteen-foot median and sixteen-foot outside lane for bicyclists.

Alternative 4 West - MD 201:

This Alternative is the same as Alternative 4 East, form Cherrywood Lane to north of Odell Road. From Odell Road, Alternative 4 West extends north running paralle and east of Indian Creek on structurecrossing over US 1, 1,200 feet north of Ammendale Road, and then follows a right-of-way resevation to the Virginia Manor/Ritz Way intersection. From here it follows Virginia Manor through the proposed ICC interchange. From here it follows Viriginia Manor Road through the ICC interchange and then turns west connecting into proposed relocated Contee Road.

Included in Alternative 4 West is the relocation and widening of Van Dusen Road from a T- Intersection with relocated Contee Road, north to Cherry Lane. The Typical section for the widening and relocation of Virginia manor Road and Van Dusen Road is the same as described in Alternate 4 East.

Alternative 5 East - US 1 and MD 201:

Alternative 5 east is a combination of Alternative 4
East and Alternative 3 (Six-Lane Widening of US 1).

Alternative 5 West - US 1 and MD 201:

Alternative 5 West is a combination of Alternative 4 West and Alternative 3 (six-lane widening of US 1).

Associated Improvement Projects:
I-95/Contee Road

Associated Projects not managed by SHA:
Intercounty Connector

Project Type:

Current Phase:Planning
Funded Year :1990 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 12/29/2017


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