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County:Montgomery Project Number:MO889_21
Project Name:
US 29, Columbia Pike

Location of Project:

The limits of the construction extend from the Briggs Chaney Interchange north to the MD198 Interchange. Roadway improvements include the reconstruction of US 29 from station 424+00 to station 513+00 and the construction of a grade separated interchange at Greencastle Road. Roadway improvements also include the lowering of US 29 northbound travel lanes within the vicinity of Greencastle Road to reduce retaining wall heights, to improve the vertical profile along US 29 and to create an acceptable roadway design along Greencastle Road for the interchange ramp and bridge connections over US 29.

Based on forecasted traffic volumes to and from Greencastle Road and the right of way constraints within the vicinity, the interchange design will be a diamond configuration. The interchange diverge and merge ramps will be connected as auxiliary lanes between the newly constructed Briggs Chaney interchange and the proposed Blackburn interchange configuration. Retaining walls will be located along the outside of the northbound diverge and merge ramps.

Greencastle Road will be widened to accommodate turning lanes across the bridge and at the ramp connections with US 29. Raised medians are being constructed along Greencastle Road. Signals will be constructed for both intersection configurations for the northbound access ramps and the southbound access ramps. A separated bike path is being provided along US 29 northbound lanes. This bike path will tie into the proposed bike path within the Briggs Chaney interchange and the US29/MD 198 interchange project. In addition, a bike path is being provided on the southern side of Greencastle Road and a sidewalk on the northside. Retaining walls will be located along Greencastle Road east of the northbound interchange access ramps and west of the southbound on ramp.

Driveway improvements will be completed for those residential driveways that are within the vicinity of the proposed Greencastle Road modifications.
What Is Under Study:
Design funding for the project was deferred as a part of revenue adjustments announced in January 2009. At this time there are no ongoing design activities for this project.

Value Engineering study for the project was performed during the week of January 28th, 2008. The study determined the proposed configuration of the interchange is the most appropriate design as it minimizes impacts to the adjacent properties, and addresses future traffic needs.

The proposed configuration includes construction of the sound barriers in three of the four quadrants of the interchange. The northeast quadrant was the only quadrant of the interchange where noise abatement barrier was not warranted.

Detailed Project Information:

Project Type:

Current Phase:Design
Funded Year :2000 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State/Federal
Last Updated On : 11/26/2018


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