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County:Montgomery Project Number:MO224_11
Project Name:
MD 97, Georgia Ave.

Location of Project:

Forest Glen Road to 16th. Street. The MD 97 Montgomery Hills project will evaluate safety and accessibility issues on MD 97. Sidewalks and wide curb lanes to accommodate bicycles will be included where appropriate.

The purpose of the MD 97 Montgomery Hills Project Planning Study is to establish a balanced approach to transportation within the MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) corridor, by evaluating existing vehicular, pedestrian, and bicyclist mobility and safety, while accommodating proposed transit enhancements and establishing a sense of place within the Montgomery Hills community.

The current mix of local and regional (commuter) traffic, coupled with the existing roadway design and sidewalk conditions, creates an automobile-dominated environment that is not always conducive to other modes of transportation. As a result, local business accessibility, pedestrian accessibility, bicycle connectivity, and transit use have become major challenges within the project area.

A Purpose and Need Workshop held March 13, 2012 provided the public with an opportunity to review technical documentation of environmental and traffic data and provide comment. Click on Purpose and Need Document, June 2012 for documentation on project area conditions.

What is under study:

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) has completed detailed engineering and environmental studies on improvement Alternatives developed to meet the project's purpose and need. A Newsletter distributed in the Fall of 2014, explained the reasons these Alternatives, referred to as "Alternatives Retained for Detailed Study" (ARDS), were retained and why other Alternatives previously under review, were dropped from consideration. Click MD 97 Montgomery Hills Project Planning Study Newsletter, Fall 2014 to view explanation.

A Location/Design Public Hearing is scheduled for December 1, 2015 to present the findings of the studies completed to date on the Alternatives currently under consideration. (Snow date, December 14, 2015)

    Alternative 1: No-Build
    Alternative 2: Transportation System Management/TSM)/Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
    Alternative 3: Master Plan
    Alternative 5: Four Lanes Southbound and Three to Four Lanes Northbound
    Alternative 5 with Flora Lane Intersection Improvements
    Alternative 5 with Cycle Track

    A description of the Alternatives and a summary of study findings is included in the Location/Design Public Hearing Brochure

    Alternative Maps may be viewed by clicking on Location/Design Public Hearing Brochure Mapping Packet.

Location/Design Public Hearing Location:

    Montgomery Blair High School
    51 University Boulevard East
    Silver Spring, MD 20901
    6:00 PM Maps/Displays available
    7:00 PM Presentation and Testimony

If you are unable to attend the hearing please forward your comments within 30 days of the hearing using the Comment Card. SHA will review all comments prior to identifying a Preferred Alternative, which is expected to be identified in Winter 2015/2016.

Associated Projects not managed by SHA:
Forest Glen Passageway Feasibility Study

Project Type:

Current Phase:Planning
Funded Year :2011 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 11/9/2015


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