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County:Howard Project Number:HO756_11
Project Name:
MD 32, Patuxent Freeway

Location of Project:
MD 108 TO I-70

Study to upgrade existing MD 32 from MD 108 to I-70 to address safety concerns (9.06 miles). Shoulders will accommodate bicycles.
This study is evaluating the potential for improvements to MD 32 from MD 108 to I-70 in Howard County, a distance of approximately nine miles. The purpose of the MD 32 Planning Study is to improve safety conditions and traffic operations with minimum impact to local residents, businesses, and the environment, as well as to provide continuity with the remaining portion of the system. The project consists of providing a four-lane access controlled divided highway with interchange improvements throughout the corridor.
What is under study:
SHA’s Selected Alternative, Build Alternative II-Modified, would provide a four-lane,
access controlled, divided highway with a 34-foot median. The outside shoulders would
be ten feet wide (all paved) and the inside shoulders would be ten feet wide (four-foot paved,
six-foot graded). Interchanges would be located at Linden Church Road (Option 2), Dayton Shop,
Burntwoods Road (Option 3A), Rosemary Lane (Option 2A), and I-70 (Option 2). Access to Nixon’s
Farm Lane and the adjacent residential properties would be provided via the MD 144 Interchange
(Option 12M) and access roads.

Interchange Options

Linden Church Interchange Option 2

The Linden Church Interchange Option 2 would provide access to the local roadway network with a
full diamond interchange at MD 32 and Linden Church Road. West of the proposed interchange,
Linden Church Road begins at an existing T intersection with Ten Oaks Road. Just east of Ten
Oaks Road, Linden Church Road would be realigned to the south and would then cross over MD 32.
On the east side of MD 32, the roadway would tie back into existing Linden Church Road just east
of Broadwater Lane. In the northeast quadrant of the interchange, Greenberry Lane would be
realigned to the east to create a four leg intersection with Broadwater Lane and Linden Church
Road. Greenberry Lane would be designed as an access road.

On the west side, the ramp terminals would form a four-leg intersection with Linden Church Road, and
stop control is anticipated for the southbound ramp approach. A roundabout would be constructed at
the intersection of Linden Church Road and the northbound ramp terminals on the east side of the interchange. Please use the link to the Linden Church Road interchange at MD 32 for the latest information on this interchange.

Dayton Shop Interchange Option 1

The Dayton Shop Interchange Option 1 Modified would provide access to the State and County Dayton Shop
maintenance facilities with diamond ramps to and from MD 32 southbound and right-in/right-out
access northbound. The southbound ramps would connect to a bridge spanning MD 32 just north of the
existing entrance. The new bridge and entrance road is referred to as Dayton Shop Road. The northbound
access point would be relocated approximately 500 feet south of the existing driveway and is referred to
as Access Road 3. Within the Dayton Shop property, an additional road, Access Road 2, would be constructed
to connect Access Road 3 to Dayton Shop Road in front of the State maintenance facilities. Access Road 1
would connect Dayton Shop Road with the back of the State facilities. Two retaining walls, approximately
1,100 feet long, would be required to support the fill between the southbound ramps and the MD 32 mainline.

Burntwoods Road Interchange Option 3

The Burntwoods Road Interchange Option 3 would consolidate the current access points at Ten Oaks Road, Burntwoods Road, and
Pfefferkorn Road on the west and East Ivory Road on the east. Approximately 2,200 feet of the MD 32 mainline would be shifted
to the east through the interchange. The southbound right-in/right-out ramps would connect to a realigned Pfefferkorn Road at
a T intersection. The northbound diamond ramps would connect to the extended Burntwoods Road at a roundabout, just east of MD 32.

West of the interchange, Burntwoods Road would be relocated north of its existing alignment and would continue in a northeasterly
direction across MD 32 to connect with East Ivory Road in the northeast quadrant of the interchange. Pfefferkorn Road would be
extended south, parallel to MD 32, to intersect with Burntwoods Road and an extended Ten Oaks Road at a roundabout. From this
new roundabout, Ten Oaks Road would continue south and connect to its existing alignment slightly south of the existing terminus.
Ivory Road would connect to Ten Oaks Road, south of the roundabout.
This interchange is now in the Design Phase.
Please use the Construction Project link to the Burntwoods Road interchange at MD 32 for the latest information on this interchange.

Rosemary Lane Option 2A

The Rosemary Lane Option 2A would provide access to the local roadway system with right-in/right-out
ramps to frontage roads on both sides of MD 32. Rosemary Lane would be extended over MD 32 to the west
frontage road to provide east to west access. The Rosemary Lane bridge over MD 32 would be extended on the
west side to span the unnamed tributary of the Middle Patuxent River and a retaining wall or other form of
retained fill would be utilized along the southbound exit ramp to avoid the relocation of the tributary.

The MD 32 mainline would be constructed immediately to the west of the existing roadway for approximately one
mile through the interchange to avoid impacts to the King's Grant community and to improve the horizontal geometry.
A portion of the existing roadway on the east side would be used as the east frontage road to connect Parliament Place
with Rosemary Lane. A roundabout would be located at the intersection of the frontage road and Rosemary Lane.

MD 144 Interchange Option 12M

The MD 144 Interchange Option 12M would consolidate the current access points at MD 144, Fox Chase Road,
and the dispersed driveways between these two roads. This option would provide a frontage road parallel
to and west of southbound MD 32, which would extend from Fox Chase Road to MD 144 and would be designed to accommodate
local traffic. Southbound access would be provided with right-in/right-out ramps located approximately 2,500 feet
south of the existing MD 144 intersection that would create a T-intersection with this frontage road. At the request of
the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), bridges would be used on the southbound ramps to provide stream protection
where the ramps cross the Terrapin Branch.

Northbound access would be provided by a loop ramp and an outer directional ramp in the southeast quadrant. MD 144
would remain in its existing location, but it would be raised to span over MD 32. Roundabouts would be provided at the
intersections of the ramps/access road with MD 144.

The mainline would be shifted 12 feet to the east to provide a greater buffer to the Terrapin Branch; this shift would
require 12 feet of existing pavement to be removed on the west side and be replaced on the east side of the existing
roadway. The shift would begin just north of the Terrapin Branch crossing of MD 32 and continue to the existing dualized
section near MD 144.

I-70 Interchange Option 2

The I-70 Interchange Option 2 would provide a partial cloverleaf interchange with loop ramps and slip ramps in the northeast
and southwest quadrants. The loop ramps would provide free flow access from MD 32 to I-70. The left turn movement from the I-70
off ramps to MD 32 would utilize slip ramps controlled by half signals. Northbound traffic on MD 32 would be controlled by
the signal at the westbound I-70 exit ramps while the southbound traffic would be controlled by the signal at the eastbound
I-70 exit ramps.

Several access management improvements are also being considered as interim improvements prior to the construction of the Selected Alternative. The improvements would remove existing driveways and access points from MD 32. These improvements would be designed to coordinate with the alignments in the Selected Alternative and would minimize the amount of wasted pavement and earthwork.

Detailed Project Information:

Project Type:

Current Phase:Planning
Funded Year :1994 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State/Federal
Last Updated On : 10/28/2015


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