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County:Howard Project Number:HO395_11
IS 0070 MD 32 TO US 29
Project Name:

Location of Project:
MD 32 TO US 29

Study to address current and future capacity needs on I-70 between MD 32 and US 29 (6.0 miles).
The I-70 Project Planning Study Team is investigating options along I-70 from just east of US 29 to MD 32 to help alleviate the traffic congestion occurring daily. The team is also looking at Marriottsville Road from MD 144 (Frederick Road) to just north of MD 99 (Old Frederick Road) and US 29 from just north of the US 40/US 29 interchange to MD 99.

The existing traffic along I-70 in the study area is currently operating at a failing level of service (LOS F) for many of the merging and diverging movements at US 29 and at Marriottsville Road. With continuing growth in the number of vehicles, the number of failing movements will increase and those already failing will get worse by 2030.

Likewise, Marriottsville Road and US 29 are experiencing significant congestion in the peak hours.
What Is Under Study:
This Project Planning Study will involve the investigation of options which may include widening I-70 by two or four lanes between US 29 and Marriottsville Road as well as widening I-70 from its current 6 lanes to 8 lanes in other locations. Widening Marriottsville Road and improving the interchange with I-70 will also be considered as part of this effort.

Project Type:

Current Phase:Planning
Funded Year :2007 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 8/15/2016


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