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County:Anne Arundel Project Number:AA510_11
Project Name:
MD 198, Laurel Fort Meade Road

Location of Project:

Study to address capacity needs on MD 198 from MD 295 to MD 32 (2.7 miles). Bicycle and pedestrian access will be provided where appropriate. (BRAC Related)
Project Study Area

The purpose of the project is to improve existing capacity, traffic operations, as well as vehicular and pedestrian safety along MD 198, while supporting existing and planned development in the area. The MD 198 Project Planning Study area is located in northwestern Anne Arundel County, between Baltimore City and Washington D.C. MD 198 provides direct access to the Fort George G. Meade (Fort Meade) military reservation from MD 32, MD 295 and points south and west of the study area. Fort Meade and the National Security Agency (NSA), represent the largest employer in the State of Maryland. The area around Fort Meade is one of the fastest growing areas of Anne Arundel County. This project will address projected operational and safety needs anticipated as a result of this growth.

For additional information click on Purpose and Need Statement, June 2007.

What Is Under Study:
Project Planning Completed:
On August 26, 2015, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued a issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) following a determination that the Maryland Department of Transportation's State Highway Administration's “Preferred Alternative”:
  • Will have no significant impact on the human, natural, or cultural environment;
  • The FONSI adequately and accurately described the need, environmental issues, and impacts of the project and appropriate mitigations measures; and
  • MDOT/SHA’s "Preferred Alternative" would best address existing and projected operational needs while minimizing environmental impacts throughout the study area.
As a result of that determination, MDOT/SHA's "Preferred Alternatives" is subsequently referred to as MDOT/SHA's "Selected Alternative". Click on the August 2015: FHWA FONSI link, to view the full report.

On March 22, 2016, the National Park Service (NPS), a Bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the National Capital Region issued its own "Finding of No Significant Impact" (FONSI), after concluding:
  • The Selected Alternative will not have a significant effect on the human environment;
  • The impacts that will result from the Selected Alternative will not impair any NPS property resources and values; and
  • An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will not be required.
Receipt of the FONSI determinations from the FHWA and NPS concludes the planning activities associated with this project. Click on the March 2016: National Park Service, National Capital Region, FONSI link, to view the full report.

Description of the "Selected Alternative"
MDOT/SHA’s Selected Alternative is a combination of a MD 198 Mainline Alternative and a MD 198/MD 32 Interchange option. The MD 198 Selected Alternative has been divided into five design sections to provide decision makers flexibility in sequencing improvements. Section limits are as follows:
  • Section 1: Russet Green East to East of the Baltimore - Washington Parkway (MD-295)
  • Section 2: East of the Baltimore – Washington Parkway to Old Portland Road
  • Section 3: Old Portland Road to Bald Eagle Drive
  • Section 4: Bald Eagle Drive to Airfield Road
  • Section 5: Flyover Ramp from MD 32 Northbound to MD 198 Westbound

Click on the Map(s) link to view maps of the Selected Alternative, detailed descriptions, typical sections as well as segment maps. Additional project background, detailed environmental information, newsletters and displays presented a public meetings may be found on the Documents tab.

Next Steps:
Funding for design is in place for Section 1 only. Design for other segments will proceed as funds become available.

Related Project Site: Click on the RUSSET GREEN EAST TO MD 295 NB RAMP link to view status updates on the Section 1 break-out project.

Project Type:

Current Phase:Planning
Funded Year :2006 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 11/13/2018


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