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County:Anne Arundel Project Number:AA221_51
Project Name:
US 50, John Hanson Highway

Location of Project:

Project to ease congestion on eastbound US 50 from MD 70 to MD 2 northbound (1.7 miles) by restriping lanes on the Severn River/Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge to accommodate an additional eastbound travel lane.
Project limits extend along the two miles of US 50 from MD 70 Rowe Boulevard) to MD (Governor Ritchie Highway) in Anne Arundel county, including the bridging crossing the Severn River. This section of US 50 experiences severe congestion, especially during rush hour and summer travel months. Anne Arundel County has identified improvements along US 50 near the Severn River Bridge as a transportation priority.

The US 50 at Severn River Bridge Feasibility Study completed in August 2011, concluded that congestion is caused not only by the volume of traffic, but by a combination of factors, including bridge grade, truck volume, narrow shoulders, the merge from Rowe Boulevard, queue jumpers, drivers slowing to view the scenic Severn River, and other human factors. Drivers use local streets to avoid congestion. The feasibility study included the development of preliminary concepts specifically designed to reduce traffic congestion during morning and evening peak travel periods and peak summer travel periods. From the feasibility study and public comments, SHA chose an alternative (Concept 1B – Eastbound Additional Lane) to develop detailed engineering and analysis.
What Is Under Study:
The Project Planning Study was initiated in 2014 to refine plans to complete operational improvements to address reoccurring eastbound traffic congestion on the US 50 Severn River Bridge.
  • In the fall of 2014, SHA held a Public Workshop to present the alternative.
  • In June 2015, Governor Larry Hogan announced $1.97 billion investment in highway and bridge projects across Maryland, including $25 million in construction funds for the US 50 Severn River Bridge.

Existing Conditions

The original Severn River Bridge structure was built in 1953 and rehabilitated/widened in 1969 and 1988, respectively. Traffic congestion on eastbound US 50 approaching the Severn River Bridge during the P.M. peak hours, results in several miles of congestion daily.

The existing Severn River Bridge is approximately 83-feet wide and includes three eastbound travel lanes and three westbound travel lanes, separated by a median with barriers. Its outside shoulders are approximately 3-feet wide.

Severn Bridge Existing Typical Section

Proposed Improvements - Selected Alternative Concept 1B – Eastbound Additional Lane

SHA will relocate the existing median barrier, and restripe the travel lanes to provide four 11-foot travel lanes in the eastbound direction and three 11-foot travel lanes in the westbound direction between Ridgely Avenue overpass and the MD 450/MD 2 interchange. Due to the constrained nature of the roadway, SHA will monitor operations of the new traffic pattern. Further roadway improvements may be considered if warranted.

Severn Bridge Proposed Typical Section

Next Steps:

Advertise for Construction: April 2017
Begin Construction: September 2017
Complete Construction: May/June 2018

Project Type:

Current Phase:Construction
Funded Year :2017 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 11/15/2018


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