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Welcome to the SHA Projects Web Page

Welcome to SHA's Highway Development Project Information pages. SHA is beginning a new way of presenting Transportation Project-related information. In addition to project information, this application will present the current status of funded highway transportation projects within Maryland. Implementation begins with a few major projects currently in the initial planning phase, and will gradually expand to include projects in detailed engineering and construction phases. Ultimately, this application will be the gateway to all of SHA's Transportation Project related information.

The process begins with the Long Range Planning coordination with local government and with the annual update to the State's 20 Year Highway Needs Inventory. The process begins with the annual update to the State's 20 Year Highway Needs Inventory. The Highway Needs Inventory serves as a basis for setting priorities for major capital improvement projects within the Maryland Department of Transportation's (MDOT) six year Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP). Once the top priority projects from across the state are selected and approved by the Governor, they are included in the Final CTP and submitted to the General Assembly for budget approval.

The project information that will be presented on the following web pages represent only those projects that are used to develop the CTP for SHA funding. Information on other projects such as Minor System Preservation is not currently available on the web site at this time. That includes projects such as resurfacing, minor intersection improvements, sound walls, sidewalk retrofit program, streetscapes, traffic signing lighting and signalization, Noise Barrier, Bridge Rehabilitation and Enhancement Projects (transportation-related community amenities managed by SHA for project Sponsors).

Other major projects are not included on this page, but have their own web links. Those projects and their links are listed here:

To find a project, select a project on the map below, or select a county from drop down box below to display a list of county projects. Click Projects Advanced Search to find project(s) and event(s) that match your criteria, or click Business with SHA to find information on reference or design standards.

Public Involvement plays an important role in developing projects that both improve mobility and meet the needs of the community. A good way to get first-hand knowledge of the project and to give us your thoughts is by attending public meetings, which are held periodically throughout the project process. Click here for current events for all projects.

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Total Projects: 230 (Planning = 46, Design = 127, Construction = 57)
Note : The map shows approximate location/area.

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The State's Highway Development Process involves four phases of project activity: Planning Phase (which takes roughly 30 to 36 months from Funded Year to completion), Engineering Phase (which takes roughly 18 to 36 months from Funded Year to completion), Right-of-Way Phase (which may take from 6 to 18 months from Funded Year to project clear for construction. Actual completion of all acquisitions may take longer. This phase may begin at any point during the Highway Development Process), and Construction Phase (which takes roughly 1 to 3 construction seasons from Funded Year to completion). Each phase must be approved and receive funding before work can begin on that phase.


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