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Project Documents

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County:Worcester Project Number:WO419_11
Purpose and Need Statement

1. Purpose and Need - June 2005 (PDF, 177KB [estimated <1 minutes at 56k])

Alternates Public Workshop

1. June 2006: Alternates Public Workshop Brochure (PDF, 6820KB [estimated 17 minutes at 56k])

Informational Public Workshop

1. Spring 2007: Newsletter Announcing Meeting on Alternatives (PDF, 2421KB [estimated 6 minutes at 56k])

2. May 2007: Informational Public Workshop Display Boards (pdf, 4867472KB [estimated 1448 minutes at 56K])

Location/Design Public Hearing

1. May 2008: Location/Design Public Hearing Brochure (PDF, 1923KB [estimated 4 minutes at 56k])

2. May 2008: Public Hearing Displays on Alternatives Retained for Detailed Study (pdf, 7919880KB [estimated 2357 minutes at 56K])


1. Newsletter - Summer 2005 (PDF, 243KB [estimated <1 minutes at 56k])

2. Newsletter - Fall 2005 (PDF, 551KB [estimated 1 minutes at 56k])

3. Newsletter - Winter 2006 (PDF, 1217KB [estimated 3 minutes at 56k])

4. Newsletter - Fall 2013 (PDF, 1072KB [estimated 2 minutes at 56k])

Draft Environmental Document

1. March 2008: Summary - Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) - US 50 Crossing Study (PDF, 93KB [estimated <1 minutes at 56k])

2. March 2008: Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) - US 50 Crossing Study (pdf, 153492333KB [estimated 45682 minutes at 56K])

Final Environmental Document

1. May 2012: US 50 Crossing Study -Summary of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Section 4 (f) Evaluation (PDF, 425KB [estimated 1 minutes at 56k])

2. May 2012: Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) - US 50 Crossing Study (Project No. WO419A11) (pdf, 273915553KB [estimated 81522 minutes at 56K])

Additional Documents

1. Record of Decision August 2013 (PDF, 1281KB [estimated 3 minutes at 56k])

2. April 2008 US 50 Sand Migration Report (pdf, 4792548KB [estimated 1426 minutes at 56K])

3. Environmental Considerations, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Executive Orders (pdf, 5852466KB [estimated 1741 minutes at 56K])

4. Transportation Project Development Process (pdf, 1056767KB [estimated 314 minutes at 56K])



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