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Project Documents

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County:Montgomery Project Number:MO593_21
Informational Public Workshop

1. MD 355/Cedar Phase 4 Cultural Resources (PDF, 13170KB [estimated 32 minutes at 56k])

2. MD 355/Cedar Lane Phase 4 Main Display (PDF, 66291KB [estimated 165 minutes at 56k])

3. MD 355/Cedar Lane Phase 4 Renderings (PDF, 74304KB [estimated 185 minutes at 56k])

Location/Design Public Hearing

1. MD 355/Cedar Phase 4 Typical Section (PDF, 41464KB [estimated 103 minutes at 56k])


1. MD355 at Cedar Lane Phase 4 - Newsletter (PDF, 573KB [estimated 1 minutes at 56k])

2. Fall 2018 Public Meeting Newsletter - MD 185 at Jones Bridge Road (Phase 3) (pdf, 2192385KB [estimated 652 minutes at 56K])

Additional Documents

1. NNMC Summary Report (PDF, 1451KB [estimated 3 minutes at 56k])

2. FHWA Categorical Exclusion Approval (PDF, 1156KB [estimated 2 minutes at 56k])

3. FHWA Categorical Exclusion Approval (PDF, 1806KB [estimated 4 minutes at 56k])

4. FHWA Categorical Exclusion Approval (PDF, 1219KB [estimated 3 minutes at 56k])

5. FHWA Categorical Exclusion Approval (PDF, 1476KB [estimated 3 minutes at 56k])

6. BRAC Intersection Improvements (Tier 1) (PDF, 14KB [estimated <1 minutes at 56k])

7. Office of Economic Adjustment Proposal (PDF, 2285KB [estimated 5 minutes at 56k])

8. Office of Economic Adjustment Proposal (PDF, 2659KB [estimated 6 minutes at 56k])

9. Office of Economic Adjustment Proposal (PDF, 2013KB [estimated 5 minutes at 56k])

10. Office of Economic Adjustment Proposal (PDF, 1974KB [estimated 4 minutes at 56k])

11. Office of Economic Adjustment Proposal (PDF, 2421KB [estimated 6 minutes at 56k])

12. MD 355 at Cedar Phase 4 Noise Analysis (PDF, 2137KB [estimated 5 minutes at 56k])

13. March 2013 BIC Presentation Env. Update (PDF, 522KB [estimated 1 minutes at 56k])



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