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County:Montgomery Project Number:MO069_51
Project Name:
I-270, Eisenhower Highway

Location of Project:
IHB - I-495 TO I-70

Implementation of innovative congestion management (ICM) tools to reduce congestion on I-270, including the east I-270 and west I-270 spurs (31.5 miles). Improvements will include a series of roadway and technology-based improvements.
The I-270 Innovative Congestion Management Project proposes a two-pronged approach of roadway improvements and innovative technologies and techniques to maximize vehicular throughput, minimize vehicle travel times, and create a more predictable commuter trip along I-270 between I-70 and I-495. While the components address both recurring and nonrecurring congestion, the roadway improvements focus on relieving today’s recurring congestion, and the innovative technologies and techniques focus on managing today’s recurring and non-recurring congestion and extending the lifespan of the roadway improvements into the future.

• 14 roadway improvements will increase capacity and vehicle throughput and address safety deficiencies by strategically eliminating existing bottlenecks, the key element limiting vehicular throughput along the corridor, coupled with the impact of crashes and other incidents. The strategy takes a “right-sized”, practical design approach focused on minimizing impacts to maximize the improvements that can be provided throughout the corridor.

• Dynamic, intelligent traffic management that will work as a system to reduce congestion by improving traffic flow and safety. The technologies and techniques constitute an automated smart traffic flow management system that combines real-time communication to drivers, traffic monitoring with cameras and sensors, and intelligent signal systems to optimize traffic flow and reduce crashes along I-270.

Implementing this approach will provide I-270 motorists with significant congestion relief for the available budget. The approach addresses recurring congestion by reducing the severity and duration of peak periods, as well as non-recurring congestion by improving safety and providing demand management tools that can help to reduce incident impacts on travel times. As a result, travel time reliability will be improved throughout the corridor.

Project Type:

Current Phase:Construction
Funded Year :2017 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s):State
Last Updated On : 11/21/2019
Maryland Department of Transportation
707 North Calvert Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202