Welcome to the Maryland Product Evaluation List (MPEL) web site. This site provides a repository consisting of findings from the evaluation and testing of new and/or proprietary, engineered transportation products. Registered vendors can submit requests for evaluation of their products by the Maryland Department of Transportation.

Build America Buy America

For Federally funded projects advertised after November 10, 2022, certificates of compliance with the Build America, Buy America Act will be required from product manufacturers or producers for all iron, steel, and construction materials. 

  • A Construction Material, Per BIL/IIJA section 70914, is defined as “An article, material, or supply——that is or consists primarily of non-ferrous metals; plastic and polymer-based products (including polyvinylchloride other than an item of primarily iron or steel; a manufactured product; cement and cementitious materials; aggregates such as stone, sand, or gravel; or aggregate binding agents or additives composite building materials, and polymers used in fiber optic cables); glass (including optic glass); lumber; or drywall.
  • Based on BIL/IIJA section 70914, cement and cementitious materials, and aggregate binding agents or additives are excluded from the definition of "construction materials".

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Qualified Product List

The Office of Materials and Technology maintains a listing of Qualified Materials used on Maryland State Highway Administration construction projects. Qualified materials are those which have undergone a prescribed procedure for submittal, testing, and pre-approval. Qualification does not imply that materials can be used on SHA projects without regard for normal Quality Assurance testing and procedures.

State of Maryland Patented and Proprietary Products

The products identified are approved for usage in the State of Maryland as Patented or Proprietary Products under 23 CFR 635.411. Certifications are products certified by MSHA that are either Essential for Synchronization, or that No equally suitable alternative exists. Experimental products are approved by FHWA and are used for research or for a distinctive type of construction on relatively short sections of road for experimental purposes. Public Interest Findings are specific products or materials specified for use when other acceptable products or materials are available, if FHWA approves of its use as being in the public interest.


This document outlines procedures for the consideration and evaluation of new products and processes by MDSHA.

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This guide addresses the needs of vendor representatives who want to submit their products for evaluation to MDSHA.

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